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Social Philanthropy and Power of the Crowd

Social media is opening up the world in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Organisations, companies, nonprofits and individuals are able to interact with one another using virtual channels and communities, almost exclusively facilitated by social media platforms.

Of course, virtual communities are by their nature open spaces and a very powerful medium for advocacy. It is now widely recognised that in order to build an effective marketing strategy, you need to be active in social media. This opens up doors to powerful PR that can make the world of difference to your brand. In such an open space, promoting a charity or cause can have a dramatic impact on people’s perception of your brand or business, while also promoting a worthwhile cause.

Do the right thing, for your brand, and for your cause, and include social philanthropy in your marketing strategy.

Key takeaways:

- Generate buzz and interest around your brand
- Build positive PR
- Contribute to a good cause